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Ignite Leadership & STEM Academy

Ignite Leadership & STEM Academy is the premier program for students ages 11-14, presented by the Society of Extraordinary Women, Inc. Our program provides specific skills that support personal and academic success. These skills include the development of greater self-esteem, team building, public speaking acumen, proper social and cyber etiquette, financial literacy, experience in community service, arts, aviation, STEM academics, and preparation for college.


Our Purpose
The purpose of our Leadership & STEM Academy is to instill in our students a desire for learning, increasing their graduation rates, engaging in non-traditional subject matters and career choices, and helping them also develop leadership skills. These skills will allow them to self-navigate and make critical choices in their lives that result in positive outcomes. We provide mentoring and education for a lifetime.

According to the most recent data from the State of California, Department of Education, approximately 25% of students in the County of Riverside do no graduate from high school, further more, nearly 35% of minority student do not graduates. Disproportionately, these students are impacted by under served communities.

To offer our youth a path to greater future, the Society Of Extraordinary Women addresses the achievement gap by providing access to high-quality training designed to make an indelible impression on each participant. The Ignite Leadership & STEM Academy is for middle and high school students. The program areas of focus are the following:

■ STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
■ Leadership Skills
■ Team Building
■ Financial Literacy
■ Presentation Skills
■ College Preparation

The program areas of focus are the following:

■ Purposeful Leadership
■ Organizational Management
■ Financial Literacy
■ Community Involvement


Registration is now open for Our Comprehensive 4-Week Program for students ages 11-14, beginning April 1, 2023.



Classes are held on Saturday 9AM - 1PM | Interactive Classes
Classes taught by distinguished educators in their fields.