Experimental Learning Trips
The perfect combination of academics and fun. Our program with the Close-Up foundation offers a once in a lifetime experience that will help the student make connections between the past and the present. Their days will be filled with visits to monuments, museums, and government institutions in one of the most fascinating cities in the world. In the evenings the student will be involved in group activities and workshops that will help them reflect on what they have learned during their daytime trips. They will also have the chance to form lasting friendships with students from across the United States. An additional highlight of this trip will be a visit and lunch at the new African American Museum.

Conversation Salon Series
As part of its continue education efforts, the Society of Extraordinary Women (SOEW) hosts the Conversation Salon Series, an event designed to bringing together our students and their families, community leaders, professionals, educators, and technologists to share ideas, tips and innovation.